Mon, Dec 7, 2020 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

Everyone has their own song. A sequence of melodies and rhythms which make sense to us as individuals and which guide us through our lives. Unfortunately, the turmoil of 2020 has made many of us feel out of tune and has forced us to rethink our societal norms. This shifting landscape can be particularly difficult for our safety and service providers to navigate as result of the special professional demands they face.
Planning to Thrive (P2T) is an approach that recognizes the impact of culture on our perception in these fluid times and rises to meet the challenges we face through implementation of a three-part plan which includes: working “left of bang”, winning by design, and building a culture of personal and organizational wellness. In the end, the goal is to help you find the sound within yourself which allows you to not just survive, but thrive.
Marc “Junk” Junkerman is an active law enforcement commander with over 27 years of experience in assignments such as Patrol, Special Operations/SWAT, Special Investigations, and Warrant Apprehension. He has been involved in various peer and community behavioral health support roles since 2006 with a special focus on front end wellness advocacy since 2016. This has led to the development of his “Planning to Thrive (P2T)” program which he has been honored to deliver to various audiences across the country as an International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) faculty member. “Junk” holds a BA in Psychology from Lebanon Valley College and an MS in Organizational Management from Johns Hopkins University. He is also a United States Army veteran.
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